Affluent Afternoon Tea @ Sketch

This past weekend was filled with all things boujee. In fact, my current Instagram feed had me questioning whether or not I was a cast member of Ladies of London. Polo and afternoon high tea within 48 hours? Who am I?

To answer the latter question: I’m a girl who will never say no to delicious food or a great atmosphere. I’m also a girl who got an absurd amount of items from her internship at Michael Kors and wanted to wear everything around town.

Every Sunday, Millennials in New York run amok, with their iPhones at the ready, seeking brunch. Although brunch is undoubtedly popular in London as well, nothing quite compares to afternoon tea at Sketch. I could think of no better way to spend my Sunday, than with beautiful people at London’s hottest restaurant.

For anyone looking for that Instagram content, Sketch is quite literally an equally bizarre and beautiful dinning fantasy. The multi-room restaurant is a sensory overload of unlike themes that blend marvelously. Picture this: Pink room, pink velvet chairs, crude but hilarious artwork, and a live string quartet playing the latest musical hits on the violin and cello. £58 pounds can buy customers unlimited pots of tea, as well as copious amounts of cakes and finger sandwiches. Wow.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

But wait, have I mentioned the toilettes? That’s right, the toilettes. Sketch has undoubtedly rebranded the loo in incredible ways, by creating Star Trek mod look with individual pod stalls. After leaving the gallery, which is somewhat like a pink velvet version of Belle and Beasts castle, there is a new room with an entirely different aesthetic. Permission to come aboard the bridge, captain, and take a cool picture?


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