Marco? Polo… in Hurlingham Park!

This week at my Michael Kors internship was my favorite by far because it was the employee-only sample sale. The entire showroom was converted into a shopping extravaganza, with merchandise from the previous two seasons. I didn’t anticipate going as wild as I did, but with bags at just £16, and clothing ranging from £8 – £24, I couldn’t resist. Alas, I bought ten different items.

The sample sale came at a perfect time, because I was able to buy two new Michael Kors dresses to wear to both of my swanky weekend events. In total, I purchased a gift for each of my parents, two cross-body bags, two wallets, three dresses, a trench coat, and two sweaters for under £300. By the end of the day, my friend Rebecca and I had to call an Uber home because we couldn’t fit on the tubes.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Chestertons Polo in the Park is one of the most anticipated fixtures on London’s sporting and social calendars. No, really. Admittedly, I know nothing about polo and previously have never watched a game. However, after seven years of equestrian horseback riding, I thought I could pick up a thing or two. Don’t be mistaken; I love sports and pride myself in my high hockey IQ.

Unless you’re attending your local country club, or something adjacent to the upper middle-class community, popular American sports are not often renowned for their elegance. What I learned is that there’s a lot of high society, swanky attire, and far better food than any sporting event I’ve attended at Madison Square Garden at home in New York. For any fellow Manhattanites, you’re unlikely to spot the same level of champagne taste at New York Rangers, Knicks, or Yankees game. Maybe I’m just in it for the beautiful horses and gourmet mac & cheese… or maybe I’ve found a new sporting interest!


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