Brunch, Sleep, Repeat.

I spent my work week tracking all press coverage surrounding the celebrities who wore Michael Kors to the Tony Awards. My friends and I like to reward ourselves for a hard week’s work. Oh, the lengths we will go for some avocado toast. To specify those measures, we’ll travel thirty minutes from Maida Vale on a double decker bus to Mews of Mayfair. Because, it isn’t just any avocado toast, its charcoal sourdough with poached eggs and chili sauce. Mews feels like an if you don’t know about it, you shouldn’t type of place. It’s the ideal brunch spot, tucked away in a swanky little cobblestone alleyway. Have a look around, and you might spy some socialites and celebrities dining just a few tables over.

At any given time my social media ranges between stylish young adult, to an endearing and slightly geeky child. Both of which, are relatively representative of my personality. On a moderately less swanky and more family-friendly note, this Sunday was father’s day. I’m so thrilled to have my parents here visiting with me in London, especially on special days such as this. My dad is a simple guy, and anytime I try to take him somewhere, he says that it’s “too hip” for him. A hot dog and a Yankees game are good enough for him, but we don’t have either of those here in London. Instead, my parents and I opted for a long stroll through Regent’s Park and a trip to the London Zoo.

Allow me to preface this by saying, I’m totally against the imprisonment of animals and would typically never attend. However, I’m willing to temporarily set aside my morals to see the Reptile House, because I got to see where that famous Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone scene was filmed. You know, the one that I mean.

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