One stop shop @ Oxford St. TOPSHOP

Yesterday, I checked my bank account and was pleasantly surprised to see I hadn’t spent nearly as much money as I thought. However, during this past month, I’ve immersed myself into total and complete unrealistic indulgence of food, fun, and shopping. All of which has resulted in a lot of souvenirs, great memories, and at least five additional pounds below my waistline. C’est la vie. Better yet, as the English say: Cheers, mate.

A direct savior of my finances has been my ability to borrow whatever I wish from the fashion cupboard at Michael Kors. This perk, in particular, is something I’ve never had access to at any previous internship. Post-fashion cupboard raiding, a mini photoshoot between Rebecca and I proceeds at various spots throughout the city. Ergo, the MMK satin bomber that I’m wearing in the photo below, in what looks like a location somewhere on the Hogwarts campus grounds.


It’s hard to exert self-restraint when at any given time I’m walking past a brick & mortar store location of my favorite brands. I’m a makeup hoarder, so there’s obviously some gravitational pull between the Urban Decay store and me. Not to mention, all of those online clothing and accessories stores that are popular on Instagram? Yeah, they’re here, and you don’t have to pay overseas shipping to have them in your possession. What’s a girl to do?

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

We have Topshop in New York, but it pales in comparison to their counterparts here in London. Aside from the fact that there are probably as many Topshop and Zara locations as there are Starbucks in Manhattan. The flagship Topshop on Oxford street is mind blowing: five floors worth of shopaholics dream and a wallet’s worst nightmare. There’s even a cupcake shop, cafe, hair salon, and makeup boutique all within the same location. With the help of divine intervention, I was able to escape with just a new pair of Quay sunglasses and one Lola’s summer berry cupcake. I’ll be sure to go back for more.


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