The Wondrous Wizarding World

Everyone has a regret or two, right? My greatest regret in life is having not been an extra in a Harry Potter film and I hope it stays as such. At this point, it’s apparently obvious that I have a very soft place in my heart for JK Rowling’s books– but, not in an intense, daily cosplaying, poster’s lining the wall sort of way.


It all started with my dear mum buying me the Philosopher’s stone and reading it to me before bed. The lessons of bravery, courage, determination and rising above adversity resonated with me as a fellow small, spectacle wearing child and still do to this day.

So…it was absolutely necessary that I visit the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio tour in Leavsden. Potter fans everywhere, rejoice. It’s the actual sets, costumes, and props that were used during the course of the 10 years of filming.

For the cost of £37, visitors can immerse themselves first hand into the wizarding world. From the great hall, Professor Snape’s potions classroom, the forbidden forrest, Dumbledore’s office and so much more. Also, shout out to my fellow Gryffindors: The common room and dormitories are available to visit, alongside all of the other props and costumes. In short, I was in heaven. There’s something very-dare I say- magical about being able to step foot in the exact location of where something that means so much to you was created.

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After all, the story is really about coming of age, which is why is held dear by millions of people around the world. Clearly, I’m just a smidgen bias. However, I would strongly recommend the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour as a must-see for anyone who has even a remote interest in set design, costume design, or the Harry Potter series as a whole. Enjoy!


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