Cheers, Great Britain.

Wow, these past five weeks have flown by. I started out this journey to London sitting in the airport nearly choked up. Traveling abroad to study and work was both exciting and terrifying. Just over a month later I find myself extremely melancholy to be leaving this beautiful city.


I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth during my trip abroad. I learned what it meant to live on my own with a large number of people whom I’m not related to, rise above conflict, remain calm during crisis, and gained international internship experience. Along the way, I’ve indulged in far too much shopping and sweets. Though I’m probably returning to New York City with an extra inch around my waistline, I’m also returning home with some wonderful memories and a few new friendships. For anyone who’s considering studying abroad, or taking a leap of faith in a new country: go for it! It’s truly a life changing experience.

Beyond that, I’ve truly fallen in love with London. Though I’ve visited before, there’s something to be said for actually living in a different country for an extended period. Previously, I would have never been able to imagine wanting to live anywhere other than New York. Now, I anticipate shedding a tear while on the way back across the pond and plotting my return to London.


Speaking of international work experience, my last day at Michael Kors was this past Thursday. I spent my days doing extensive market research for an upcoming event. Sadly, I’m unable to attend because I will already be back in the states. However, my team at MK never ceased to make me feel appreciated and welcomed. Just before the end of our last day, my fellow university students and I were invited outside onto the balcony for a farewell party. On top of the gathering, we were each given a lovely pink Michael Kors bag and thank you notes! There you have it, folks, Michael Kors HQ in London single-handedly disproves any negative stereotypes about people in the fashion industry.



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