Fighting FOMO: My impending last week in London

File_001-18.jpegAs my last week in London and at Michael Kors approached, I became increasingly more sad with a growing sense of FOMO. The only foreseeable solution was to fit as many things as humanly possible into the remaining seven days. Many of my Michael Kors colleagues, and those who I’d met while out and about would ask, “Aren’t you so excited to go back to New York?” To which I would reply, “Not really. I’d prefer to stay here longer.” Without fail, I always receive a response to complete and utter shock. Apparently, everyone who I speak to in London prefers New York. Oh, the irony!

As a former Fashion Design major, and art history minor, I’m no stranger to the Victoria & Albert Museum. Up until recently, I’d never actually attended the museum. However, I have delved knee deep into extensive research of their online collections for various projects. The V&A currently has an extraordinary exhibit on Cristobal Balenciaga. The exhibition features iconic Balenciaga pieces alongside designers who were directly inspired by his work. Also, small video screens break down the pattern making and draping process behind each gown. I could have spent all day amongst the voluminous haute couture and beauty.


Next up on my to-do list was Content Beauty and Wellbeing. I first discovered Content while interning at Glossier this past semester. When Emma Watson’s Top Shelf posted to Into The Gloss, there was much a buzz all around the office. Content is a boutique organic skincare store that sells an array of certified organic color cosmetics and skincare products From the incredible variety of niche brands, to the unbelievably helpful staff: I’m sold! I only wish that I stopped by once a week during this past month and a half.



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